The Book


Excerpt from the book on authenticity:

"In authenticity, we are living comfortably in ourselves--our hearts, minds, and actions align. We become fierce editors of our lives, quickly deciphering, 'this is me, this is not me.' Actions, words, and deeds follow suit with the deep, God-given longings of our souls. Truth is valued and not feared, however painful, because it does not threaten, but rather helps us to become ever more authentic..."


Biblical Wisdom for Relationships


"The ultimate goal of marriage is to glorify God by making both husband and wife more and more like Jesus, in other words, holy. This begins by making Jesus the head of the household. 'Instead, speaking the truth in love, we will grow to become in every respect the mature body of him who is the head that is Christ.' -Ephesians 4:15. 

As your old self is being transformed to the image of Christ, this process doesn’t erase the essence of who you are. Instead, the more you become like Jesus, the more you develop into the unique person you were designed to be. 


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